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Quick-Cut Guide for Trimming Your Invite List

You want to fill your guest list with the people who will be an active part of your future. Let's save the networking vibe for your next high school reunion.

Here are some suggestions for quick cuts to your guest list that can go a long way:

Tit-for-Tat Invites

"I was at their wedding" (or even, "I was IN their wedding") cannot be the only reason you invite someone to yours. It's okay if you've drifted or if you're in a different place in your life now.

If the only reason you have someone on your guest list is because of a crushing feeling of "have to," you have the freedom to remove them.

Obligatory Invites

"They won't come anyway so I'll just invite them" Invites

Universal Plus Ones

Iffy Invites

MIA Friends

"First Name Only" Invites

"Tier 3" Guests

Trimming your guest list (before you send the save the dates!) can have one of the most meaningful positive impacts on your wedding budget. To learn more, check out A Complete Guide for Cutting Your Guest List.

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