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3 Myths of Destination Weddings: Part 1

Let's break down some of the biggest myths I've seen over and over again.

Myth #1: No one will come.

A destination wedding may seem like a bit of a barrier to entry. But times have changed. 96 guests RSVP'd "YES!" to our wedding in Florence. With saved-up PTO, an itch to travel, and the prospect of a week that included multiple events and plenty of flexibility for down time and exploration, you may be surprised how strong turnout can be!

The thing is, a destination wedding is more than a wedding weekend. It comes with added flexibility (why not midweek, if guests have to travel anyway?) and guests can come for the main event, or craft whole vacations around your special day.

You may be surprised how many will be willing to hop on a flight for the best wedding food they've ever had, and to celebrate people they love most.

Of course, flights can be expensive. Ultimately, this may be the biggest blocker for certain guests. Without careful timing, planning, and generous lead time, some may wish they'd booked flights sooner. But there are tools you can provide (as well as generous lead time for save the dates and invites) to help your guests maximize savings and minimize airfare costs.

For guests where joining you abroad would be prohibitively expensive, couples can consider trimming elsewhere to make room in the budget to help subsidize travel or provide accommodation. After all, planning a wedding abroad can end up costing less than its American counterpart (we'll get to that in a bit). Some of those savings can go towards making the journey more affordable for your guests. In fact, you may find that for the cost of a 5-hour wedding event in Manhattan, you could host a dreamy Tuscan wedding that includes a weekend of free accommodation for 40-50 of your nearest and dearest.

Finally, consider the positive side of this myth: destination weddings give you permission to hone your guest list. While a hometown wedding may come laden with expectations of whom to include, weddings a flight away give you more freedom. A more intimate list can help you deliver an outstanding experience for less.

Ready to learn more? Let's get started.

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