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Bianca & Francesco

Lake Garda, Italy

A sea of purple in Sirmione

The inspiration here was a monochromatic celebration of soft purple shades, with a whimsical, romantic, and ethereal vibe to match the elegance and fairytale nature of the space.


With a venue as spectacular and opulent as Villa Cortine, we wanted to create a feeling of quiet luxury. We leaned into a lavender haze, which helped unite the different spaces throughout the property without distracting from the natural beauty of the setting and surroundings.

About Villa Cortine Palace Hotel


Villa Cortine Palace Hotel is uniquely situated on a tiny historical peninsula, Sirmione, in Lake Garda. With sweeping views in all directions, the hotel gardens enjoy sunrises over Lake Garda to the east, and glowy, golden sunsets to the west over the water. Tropical trees, hidden garden spaces, ancient Roman ruins, and luxury give this venue an opulent oasis feeling.


Photographer: MaMa Photo, FelicyDaze Weddings


Molly & Steve

Brooklyn, NY

A cozy, intimate, and joyous party for 140

​For M&S, we had the opportunity to turn a completely blank, industrial canvas into a cozy, glowy, personalized space.


This wonderful couple wanted their wedding to feel warm and welcoming, with an intimate dinner party vibe (but for nearly 140 guests). So, we prioritized outstanding food (served family style) and with a little creative arranging, even managed to get every single guest at the same table using an E-shaped configuration.


We also brought in warm, natural elements (like wooden tables and chairs), lots of fall florals and greenery to make the space feel more organic and soften the hard surfaces, and Indian block print napkins for added color and personality. 

Molly and Steve have such a gift of bringing people together and making all feel welcome and loved – and their wedding completely reflected that.

In a raw industrial space with hard, cold surfaces, a little candlelight alone wasn’t going to do the trick. So, we got to work to make the space feel super personal and warm. Here are some of the elements used to warm it all up:

  • Uplighting to show off the space and add a cozy glow, and bistro lighting to capture those Brooklyn restaurant vibes

  • Whimsy vine installation along the industrial beams and crawling down the brick walls, to make the space feel more intimate and organic

  • wall of family photos helped personalize the space and created visual interest for guests and honor loved ones

  • Indian block print napkins, a staple on the couple's own table, added color and personality, and an opportunity to package sets of the napkins post event to gift to family

  • Warm, natural elements like wood and eclectic vintage frames, plus gold touches for extra glow

  • Re-use of ceremony florals to fill in the ultra-tall bookshelves added color and gave florals a second life

  • A more intimate, narrow dance floor (which ALWAYS felt packed), complete with mirror ball

  • Lots of jungle plants to add greenery and depth to the space


Photographer: Isabelle Selby Photography