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About Jane

I'm Jane Handel. I handle weddings from NYC to Italy and beyond! 

Destination wedding planning is my calling. After more than a decade of planning events while juggling a demanding, full-time career in marketing, I'm ready to answer. This is a passionate industry, and I'm thrilled to be a part of it!

Working for Danny Meyer's Union Square Hospitality Group instilled in me the value of delivering outstanding guest experiences and creating those "wow" moments. I know first hand the many challenges of planning a wedding abroad, and how to navigate each and every one. 

The events I plan are infused with warmth, thoughtful touches, and memorable moments. Most importantly, they are bespoke, designed to reflect each couple. 

I got my fairytale wedding. Let me help you plan yours.

The Little Details

With an eye for design, direct production experience, and a deep love of love, there is nothing I'd rather do than help you bring your vision to life.


From the overall design of your event, to making sure that every single element helps tell the right story, Jane Handles Weddings will ensure a breathtaking and cohesive visual experience for your wedding.

But enough about me.

FelicyDaze, Voyteck Photography, MaMa Photo


It is always wonderful to work with people who truly love what they do – there is such a joy to Jane and when she is working with you on your wedding.


You cannot help but be excited at every step of the process thanks to Jane's energy and passion. 

Molly Y.

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