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The Benefits of a Winter Wedding

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the wedding boom and limited availability everywhere? Consider shifting to a less traditional season for a romantic, cozy wedding to brighten up winter.

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For couples who love hygge things, a winter wedding can offer a wonderful alternative to summertime fetes, giving you access to choice vendors, lower rates, and better guest availability.

Below are a handful of good reasons to consider a Winter Wedding.

Winter Weddings Come with Unique Design Opportunities

With a stunning backdrop of snow-dusted mountains and frosted trees, the stage is set for a winter wonderland. Snowy landscapes and frozen lakes photograph beautifully. If you're doing bridal parties, consider jewel tones that will pop against a snowy background or working in other bursts of color, or more muted palettes to play off a cool, sleek vibe.

On top of offering beautiful backdrops, winter weddings come with many opportunities for unique design and decor, with warm twinkling lights, candles galore, and moody winter florals like Hellebore.

For a classic, romantic look, consider pinecones tucked into garlands of spruce or pine. You can add color with cranberries or holly. Birch branches also make for beautiful centerpieces, aisle runners, and ceremony arches.

For a more whimsical look, consider mixing in winter citrus or pomegranates to your floral arrangements, which can give your centerpieces a pop of color and lots of intrigue.

Winter weddings can leverage interesting and sumptuous textures, like velvet, that are seasonally appropriate and super chic.

Give Your Guests a Cozy Winter Experience

There are many cozy and thoughtful guest experiences you can work into your special day. From self-serve hot cocoa bars with all kinds of tasty toppings, to bonfires (if your venue allows, of course), to cozy blankets (either as favors or for guest comfort if you choose to do any sort of open-air ceremony), your guests will feel warm and fuzzy inside and out.

Hosting a beautiful event in the darkest part of the year gives your guests something wonderful to look forward to, and brightens up the season with a wonderful excuse to gather and celebrate.

Winter Weddings Abroad Offer Cheaper Flights & Accommodations for Guests

While winter may be peak season for certain destination weddings, other places, like Italy, are lower in tourism for the winter months.

They're also milder, weather-wise. You and your guests get all the benefits of traveling during the offseason, from avoiding crowds at popular attractions, to cheaper flights, and more affordable accommodations, while also enjoying a less bitter winter.

Venue and Vendor Availability Improves Off-Season

For 2023 and even early 2024, those dream locations and vendors who were completely booked months ago may be able to squeeze in another wedding in the off season. This gives you a chance to get the venue and work with the team of your dreams without waiting another year to get married. With better vendor availability comes better choice.

Winter Wedding Venues Can Be Intimate & Cozy – and Affordable

If you're heading towards a peak-winter location (think ski towns or the tropics), you won't find a bargain. But there are many wonderful places to consider for a winter wedding that offer peak winter beauty with off-peak pricing.

Plus, with an event designed to be indoors, you don't have to worry about your dream day being spoiled by weather or rain. From the beginning, you and your planner will design your event around making the interiors shine.


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