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3 Myths of Destination Weddings: Part 2

Let's break down some of the biggest myths I've seen over and over again.

Myth #2: Destination weddings are expensive.

Well, all weddings can be. But there is a difference between value and expense.

Let's say you pay $125 USD per plate at a wedding stateside. You start with an overdressed salad. Out come the mains: the chicken is rubbery, the potatoes gluey. The presentation is okay, but the meal is not memorable. Or worse, it's so bad, discussing it creeps into the conversation (and the guest memories). Then let's consider 120 euro a plate, which (depending on the exchange rate) could be as much or far more than what you'd have spent on the chicken. But the meal includes a course of homemade pastas, rich cacio e pepe, garnished with fried sage. The filet is cooked to perfection in a sauce of green peppercorns. The response is overwhelming, and guests talk about how that was "the best wedding food I ever had!" for years to come. In this case, while the expense may be the same or higher, it is a far better value.

And that's the case with most everything. Higher quality ingredients for more reasonable prices, better wine in volume, vendors who may offer discounts for cash, and a culture where tipping is not expected.

That's just all things being equal. But in many cases, your wedding itself can be more cost-effective abroad than at home. Why? Because in the land of capitalism, the Wedding Industry is designed to milk every dollar from couples. There are up-charges, hidden charges, bad-surprise charges, and mounting gratuities. And to maximize profit, many venues have strict timing limitations that mean thousands and thousands of dollars only last 5 hours.

In my experience, some couples can rent exclusive use of a venue and put up their guests for a weekend for what they would have spent on a hotel ballroom dinner.

Or, you can choose to have your guests can book their rooms at your exclusive-use venue, like a more traditional hotel block. With this budget savings, you can produce additional events throughout the week or weekend for your guests, and add elements to deliver an exceptional experience. Destination weddings also make it easier to book midweek events, which can help lower costs, too.

Ready to wow your guests and deliver outstanding value (while staying on budget)?

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