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How to Strengthen Your Relationship & Enjoy Your Engagement When Planning Your Wedding

Consider Trying Something New With Your Partner

Learning a choreographed first dance was one of the highlights of planning my own wedding. Each day, my fiancé and I would tackle a few steps at a time, spending quality time doing something that helped get us closer to our wedding vision, but didn't involve discussing logistics, frustrations, vendor anxieties, or delays.

It was also forced screen-free time, which was a welcome break I didn't know I needed.

bride and groom dance on their wedding day

You don't need weekly lessons to do something like this; especially if you don't plan on performing it for anyone. Find a walkthrough of a beginner dance routine on YouTube, and try to build a little each day. Add on a few steps at a time until you can run through the whole thing. Once you have the routine down, look up other songs with the same BPM (beats per minute). You can make a playlist of these, and do your dance to any number of songs you love, keeping the activity fresh.

If dancing doesn't strike your fancy, there are plenty of other ideas you can explore.

Consider something creative that requires your hands (pottery or visual arts classes, cooking classes, to name a few) to keep you off your phone. Or, lean into something sporty or active (sports you can do together, hiking, people-watching walks), or distracting (movie nights, double dates) for some needed endorphins during the planning process.

The secret is to opt for something you can build into your routine, so you have something to look forward to without having to come up with a new plan each time.

Your engagement can turn into a year of logistics handling, especially without a planner. Carving out time for you and your fiancé to focus on something together that isn't wedding planning will help you recharge!

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