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Ciao, Amore!

Each wedding is unique to the couple and designed with gracious hospitality in mind to ensure a stunning guest experience.

Caroline & Daniel

Jane's gentle guidance and organizational splendor made our event all the more manageable. She took the hard work out of gathering tasks for us to complete, and let us focus on the things that really matter to us.
Her eye for detail is unmatched, and she identified issues and gaps in our planning that would have undeniably caused hiccups during our ceremony and party. Caroline and I wouldn't have been able to make our wedding happen without her!

Molly & Steve

"We are so excited to be working with Jane for our 2023 wedding. Before we started with Jane Handles Weddings, the planning process was overwhelming and was distracting us from the fun of being engaged. 

Now, we feel so much more confident with her on our side. Jane thinks of things that would never occur to us, and has such an eye for detail.

With her organization, passion, and enthusiasm, we're planning a wedding to remember, without the stress.

I know we'll be able to relax and actually enjoy our wedding weekend rather than worrying about last minute details. Her thoughtful planning takes care of all that!

Jackie & Patrick

Jane was, in a word, incredible. As a bridesmaid in my wedding this past July, she consistently went above and beyond. Jane was a pro at anticipating what would make our wedding day and weekend look and feel as wonderful as possible.


She would come to me with a thoughtful idea, gauge whether I was interested in pursuing it, and then make it a reality.


For instance, the hotel space in which our bridal party was getting ready wound up being smaller than expected and without windows, the lighting wasn’t ideal for photos. Jane quietly took notice of this, explored the surrounding area, and determined that our room could be opened up to provide far more space and natural light. She discreetly worked with the hotel staff to have the room expanded, and it made our photos look a million times better!