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Elevate Your Wedding Aesthetic – How to Leverage Your Dress Code to Make Your Wedding Event Design Pop

Each event is unique, and the design and aesthetic is something we put a ton of thought and effort into, from crafting the vision together, to sourcing vendors that can best execute it, to thinking through all the little details (from signage and decor, to the minutia), so we can ensure a cohesive and thoughtful design throughout the entire wedding experience.

But what about your guests?

Your guests play a key role in your event design aesthetic. After all, they are the ones seated at your beautifully-set tables, and twirling on your dance floor – and they’re in all your photos.

How can you help guide your guests towards an aesthetic that adds to, rather than detracts from, your event design?

Help Your Guests Understand the Dress-Code Assignment

To help your guests pull off the right look, and especially to prevent confusion and questions along the way, set clear parameters and communicate up front.

While your invitation can set the tone, your website becomes an opportunity to elaborate on your expectations, so you can guide your guests towards an aesthetic that aligns with the vibe and theme of your celebration.

Your guidance should be clear, straightforward, and achievable. At a minimum, share a few keywords and suggestions. You can get as creative as you want with your dress code, as long as you explain what you mean!

For example, in your FAQ, you could add:

What is meant by “Garden Formal” ?

Think long dresses in flowy fabrics, light suits, floral prints! We’d advise block heels over stilettos, as our ceremony will be on the lawn.

Or, feel free to go into more elaborate detail, even creating a mood board or links to examples to help your guests better visualize the style. The more details you share in advance, the fewer questions you’ll be tackling later!

Elevating Your Event Design Aesthetic

Your dress code is an opportunity to enhance your event design, and it doesn’t cost you a thing. 

One of my favorite tricks for helping couples on tighter budgets is to amp up the formality of their dress code.

When your guests show up in Formal or even Black Tie apparel, the entire look of your event is elevated. This adds an air of luxury without affecting your wedding budget.

Why Formality Works:

  • A formal dress code creates a luxurious ambiance: A formal dress code sets the tone, and adds an air of elegance and luxury.

  • Dressing up enhances every photo: Who doesn’t love a little dress up? When your photographer captures your guests dressed to the nines, your photos will reflect the grandeur of your celebration.

  • Formality creates a consistent look: A formal dress code ensures a cohesive and polished aesthetic, with your guests playing a huge role in tying the event design together.

Two brides in black tie wedding apparel on the streets of new york city

The juxtaposition of a more causal event can also benefit from a dressier code: food trucks and floor length gowns? Why not!

Leaning into a more luxurious look can make your backyard setting pop, add some glam to a restaurant buyout, or make those intimate elopements/micro weddings feel even more special.

Making Your Wedding Design Vision a Reality

Your wedding dress code is more than just a style guideline; it's a tool to bring your event design vision to life. By setting clear expectations, providing visual inspiration, and encouraging guests to embrace the desired aesthetic, you can create a cohesive and memorable experience for everyone involved.

Ready to exceed your event design expectations?

Get in touch to learn more about bringing your wedding event design to life.


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