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Pro Tip: Keeping Your Engagement Ring Safe at the Gym

You might be thinking, "I'd NEVER forget where I tucked my ring," or "it will be totally safe in my pocket."'d be surprised how quickly you forget your ring is in your pocket. I've had friends who have seen their rings go through the washing machine in a tangle of leggings. Or have had that horrible panic moment of realizing the ring is not on their finger, only to remember that it's stashed somewhere at the bottom of a gym bag.

Tip #1 - Leave your ring at home

Okay, okay, we know. Leaving your ring in a safe, designated area before you leave the house will ensure you won't lose it when you're out on the go.

Now, I'm really good about protecting my ring. The apartment is littered with adorable ring dishes to make it convenient to safely remove it whenever needed. But sometimes, I get to the gym, ready to pick up my 15-20 lb weights and realize... my beautiful rings are still on my finger.

The rough edge of the barbell can scratch up the band, expediting a patina I don't want – not to mention the risk to the precious stones (they're precious, after all)!

Luckily, I have a back-up plan that does not leave my rings to chance.

Tip #2 - Invest in a back-up plan

Here's a tip I wish everyone knew. When it's too late to leave your ring at home, and too risky to leave it on, you need a protective back-up solution.

Behold, one of my favorite items: this keychain earplug holder. The holder is sturdy; it's made of metal. And in it, are two near-invisible earplugs.

eargasms earplug keychain for ring safety

I keep this on may keychain, where it comes in handy for loud subway rides, unexpectedly booming Broadway shows, or deafening bars.

But I find it most useful in those frantic moments before a group fitness class starts, when I need a quick solution to ensure ring safety.

So here's what I do. I unscrew the cap, remove the earplugs and put them in my ears, and put the rings in the case. The keys stay with me on my mat (and it's awfully hard to get home without them), always within sight.

Stick with me for a second – this plan works on a few levels.

Not only does this move protect your hearing from an extra-loud instructor, but it's a really well planned hack. Why?

engagement ring protected in key chain holder

Because before you can leave the class or the gym and resume your day, you have to take the earplugs out of your ears. And when those come out, they can't go back in the case until your ring goes back on your hand.

Like tying a thread around your finger, this offers a physical, tangible reminder that your rings are not on your person. When you take out your earplugs, the ring is back on your hand as you put them away.

Plus, I find comfort in knowing my ring is affixed to something that is definitely coming home with me, and that is with me on my mat. The ring is not loose; it's in a little container that fits it perfectly. It's far safer than a pocket, and gives me more peace of mind than leaving it unattended in a locker. You can get your own set here, or invest in a similarly sturdy keychain case.

It all starts with a good plan

Whether you try this tip, or opt for something like a silicone band ring protector or gym bag case, make sure you have a back up plan to help keep your ring in tip-top shape.

Speaking of having a good plan...

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