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Ensuring a Cohesive Event Flow (Part Two)

A wedding is all about a union, but disjointed moments throughout seem to be a norm. In part two of this go-with-the flow blog series, let's dive in to make your event feel extra hospitable and smooth.

(Did you miss part one? Check it out here.)

Host a Thoughtful, Generous Cocktail Hour

Are you doing portraits after your ceremony while your guests head on to an aperitivo or cocktail hour? Long drink lines and paltry appetizers mean guests will be looking at their watches, awaiting your entrance. In this way, a wedding event can become a waiting period.

Working with your venue or planner, ensure a clear flow for cocktail hour service, to ensure guests get drinks, water, and delicious appetizers without long lines.

wedding champagne

While a second bar can be useful, pre-poured trays of wine, Prosecco, a signature cocktail, and/or attractive alternatives can relieve pressure on the bar and create a festive, generous atmosphere. A buffet to supplement passed hors d'oeuvres can ensure everyone gets a bite to eat when they want one.

Lawn games, a photo booth, or a station with instant print cameras are great options to provide entertainment during the cocktail hour. A lively live band or hand-curated playlist can also set that warm tone. Instead of waiting around for you to arrive, your wedding guests can enjoy themselves. This also gives you an opportunity to extend cocktail hour, so you can mingle when you finish up your portraits.

With plenty to eat, see, and do, guests won't be hangryily awaiting for dinner, and you'll have a chance to enjoy this part of your wedding more fully, too.

Leverage In-Between Moments for Speeches

Nothing quite interrupts the flow of conversation like a slew of speeches. Attention will wander. Instead, consider working speeches in throughout your wedding. For example, a welcome speech at the end of the cocktail hour can be a perfect way to transition from that event to the next, and is an opportunity to welcome guests to head towards the tables for dinner.

In between courses, it can be difficult to maintain conversation as plates are cleared and silverware clanks. This is another perfect opportunity for one to two (short!) speeches.

Warm words from your closest friends and family can fill the time in between each course. Broken up like this, each speech giver gets their moment to shine, and guests aren't subjected to a one-after-the-next style recitation.

Lean into the Advantages of a Destination Wedding

Beautiful Italian Garden at Tuscan Wedding Villa
Photo by Voyteck Photography

With many destination weddings, you can host your guests on site, and enjoy different areas of the villa, estate, or property for each and every element of your event.

When you have exclusive use of a space for your destination wedding, different areas of the venue can provide the feeling of multiple events without the hassle of transportation, or the downtime to kill. The setting makes each transition feel like part of the event itself.

After all, it's different to stroll through terraced gardens to reach the post-ceremony cocktail hour from how it is to spill out into a parking lot, awaiting transportation to a new location.

Ensure Cohesive Event Design

When your signage, decor, and thoughtful touches all reflect the same design, your whole event will feel visually cohesive. This gives your wedding an inherent connectivity. Plus, you can keep that visual harmony with your auxiliary events (like a pre-event dinner or day-after brunch). The result? Your guests enjoy a unified weekend of celebrating your union.


As you can see, there are many opportunities throughout your wedding to infuse hospitality and thoughtful touches, and eliminate waiting around.

Ready to start planning your own smooth-flowing wedding here or abroad?


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